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Homecooked: Shrimp with Salted Egg Sauce

Please bear with the not-so-neat photo, hubby wants to eat the moment this was cooked!
Please bear with the not-so-neat photo, hubby wants to eat the moment this was cooked!

When I think of Puerto Princesa, only one thing comes into my mind: Baker’s Hill. I can’t stress enough how great their Salted Egg Yolk Prawns is! I remember when we frequent the place for work, we surely do not miss visiting this restaurant.

I could not always go to Palawan, but it does not mean I cannot recreate my favorite dish at home! Incidentally, this recipe popped up on my Facebook feed and angels of the kitchen called me to prepare this for dinner.

With a quick trip to the market, I bought fresh shrimps (as prawns were unavailable) and some ingredients that’s not available in my kitchen. Let the cooking begin!

Warning though, three words that does not sound well with healthy meal: butter and deep fried. 


1/2 kg. shrimp, trimmed and patted dry

1/2 cup butter

5 salted eggs yolks, mashed

1/4 cup full cream milk

Chilie flakes


Salt and pepper to tasteDSC08645


  1. Season shrimps with salt and pepper and a bit of thyme
  2. Heat oil and deep fry the shrimps until half done; drain on a strainer to remove excess oil
  3. On a separate pan, melt butter under low heat
  4. Add mashed egg yolks until evenly mixed with melted butter
  5. Add full cream milk and cook until sauce thickens. Add chilie flakes; season with salt and pepper
  6. Toss shrimps and let it cooked until sauce dries up

Serve hot and enjoy with heaps of hot rice! Yum!!!

Wow, that was easy! Have you guys tried this? Let us know!



On The Road: Mt. Pulag and the Common Misconceptions

16278_10151528943923453_1352474077_nTo seek the summit of the Philippine’s third highest mountain seems to be a paralyzing thought. You start to think of scorching heat, aching legs, pounding heart, and beastly sweats running all over your body.

I, too, cannot fathom the idea of me conquering Mt. Pulag… until i mustered all the guts to finally see it for myself. Believe me when I say that i am the most “lampa” (chubby, remember?)  and I hate walking. So if I say I did it (and I did it twice), then anyone can do it, too!

When I completed the trek, I finally crushed some myths when it comes to Mt. Pulag and I want to share it with you.

The Common Misconceptions:

  • That  Mt. Pulag is one of the longest trails (it’s the third highest, right?)

It is the third highest, yes, but the beauty of Mt. Pulag is that monster jeep gets through the farthest way possible saving you some kilometers to hike. Thanks to the continuous improvement of the road infrastructure, the ride is quite bearable now compared to years back.10317617_10203102446496098_7109485075088290181_o

  • That Mt. Pulag is for the seasoned hikers

Mt. Pulag was the second mountain I hiked following a minor climb at Mt. Pico de Loro. While i do not undermine the preparations needed (I walked for 30 minutes everyday for two weeks), it is something that beginners can do. It is relatively safe trail and no death defying trails. No river crossing, too!10390252_10152427601129462_878818161850258330_n

Do note that I am talking of the Ambangeg-Ambangeg trail – the easiest of all trails.

Disclaimer: Backpack is just for photo ops. Porters are available to bring your bags should you be allowed to camp up there. 

  • That Mt. Pulag is a dreadful assault all throughout

What I love most about Mt. Pulag is that is has a gradual trail that literally, it’s like walking in the park. The last 30 minutes is the hardest as this is the assault, but hey, you can always take a rest!12670852_10153820779664462_5950419217652003283_n

  • That Mt. Pulag ALWAYS shows up her majestic sea of clouds and astounding sunrise

No. This might be the primary reason why we hike to Mt. Pulag but let it be known that it is not a guarantee that you will see the imperial sea of clouds hovering over the powerhouse Cordillera ranges. But that is nature, unpredictable as she can be.

Here kicks in the essence of traveling and that cliche saying “It’s the journey, not the destination” comes into play. You have to enjoy it, after all, you reached the freakin’ third highest peak of the Philippines!10268485_10203102441655977_7989254147193839831_nMay 2014
12715583_10153818273604462_7544222173505628282_nFeb 2016

Mt. Pulag is a charming and mystic place. Let us just be mindful of our responsibilities when we visit her!


Home: Pocket Flower Garden

DSC08607aAs you grow older, you want a slower pace of life and a piece of comfort in your home. And yes, you like all things organized and pretty in every corner of your abode! In this phase of my life, I have all the time in my hands to do what I want and one of the long outstanding things is to attend to our home – make it a sanctuary that I always looked for every time I travel. I like all things lovely and I am happy that slowly, I am transforming our house into a home that I want it to be!

What makes me “kilig” is when I successfully convert a spot into an amiable place for me to work, to read, to do my crafts, or just to simply dive my mind in wandering mode.

For this project, I turned our small area outside into a pocket garden. I wanted to make it very vibrant so I splashed various colors and flowering plants to achieve a summer vibe.


The Details:

  • The Chairs

The garden set chairs are the residents in this area. These were originally in black but I painted it way back to be more pleasing to the eyes. I planned to overhaul this area into white by painting the window edges and look for some recycled things to be a table makeshift but I reckon it will be a LOT of work. So,  the idea was scrapped.  DSC08593

  • The Throw Pillows

I have these throw pillows in different sizes but I don’t know where to put them until this set up. The colors are just appropriately bright and perfectly contrast the white chairs. DSC08597

  • The Accessories

I think this is the most fun part of the set up! I rummaged through our house and look for colorful things which are not in used. I found a pink trash can (turned upside down), a green plastic water sprinkler, a yellow small stool, and an orange small basket. All these housed my flower plants. DSC08601

  • The Flowering Plants

Oh, the flowering plants! They are sure ways to brighten up any space or to put a smile on your face. I am now wishing for the butterflies to visit our little space! DSC08603DSC08606

Sitting in my little space with a book on my hand was a lovely afternoon spent. Ah, add the fresh air and the slow sway of the bamboos! Indeed, a lovely afternoon.



Homecooked: Chicken Wrap

20160405_192131 As much as possible, we try to put varying dishes in our table to continuously delight ourselves with home cooked foods. One night we’ll satisfy ourselves with an Italian pasta ( just fresh tomatoes and herbs), the next we whip an Indian curry, then feast ourselves with Filipino food, or sometimes, Middle Eastern wraps. Oh why, thank you Google!

It also helps that we try to be healthier in terms of food choices so the closer it is to the raw state of the food, the better. This is why I love preparing wraps – fresh, minimal or no oil, and relatively easy to concoct.


So inspired by the shawarma I ate during lunch at the mall, I prepared chicken wraps for dinner. Enjoy!


  • 2 whole wheat wraps
  • 1/2 medium sized cabbage, sliced thinly
  • 2 tomatoes, cut into small pieces
  • 1/2 cucumber, cut in circular
  • 1/4 chicken breast
  • 1 pack McCormick Grill Mate’s Hickory Smoked
  • Lite mayonnaise
  • Cheese, optional
  • Salt and pepper to taste




  1. Marinade chicken breast with your desired flavor ( I chose Hickory smoked)
  2. Toast the chicken for 15-20 minutes
  3.  Once cooked, slice the chicken in small pieces
  4. Toast the wheat wraps for 3-5 minutes
  5. Assemble the wraps by putting first the cucumber, spread the sliced cabbage and tomatoes, and top it with chicken
  6. Drizzle with lit mayonnaise and finish it with chees, if desired
  7. Fold the bottom part of the wrap first, then fold both sides to secure the food elements inside
  8. Wrap it with aluminum foil to ensure that it won’t get messy when eaten



We hope you have a hearty meal at home! Share to us what you have!


Everybody is Free to Wear Sunscreen

We always see articles prying our social media sites with “20 lessons you wish you knew in your 20’s” or “15 lessons to my 30 year old self” or “50 lessons from a 50 year old man”, etc.

They are entertaining reads but when I close the tab, I could not honestly remember a single lesson it taught me.

I want something that is simple, practical, and right to the core…

Then in one of our road trips, a friend played this song slash life lesson. It hit me the moment it reached my ears – and heart. It became my bible of life lessons.

Listen to it and let us know what struck you the most!


Chubby Tree Finds: Whiff Perfumes

12107735_1075447032506636_1620586936282500576_nGone are the days that we only associate quality and luxury to imported goods, and substandard products to locally made ones.  This mindset is so yesterday! To put it bluntly, this is the age where people opt to own a beautifully handcrafted local bag than getting a “branded” one from an outlet store. FIlipino entrepreneurs have changed the face of local artisan products ranging from food, bags, shoes, make ups, and yes, perfumes. It is now a game where each merchant is raising the bar of standards in terms of quality and affordability.

One of the products that has taken the Philippine perfume industry by storm is Whiff Perfumes. It’s a revolutionary take of marrying luxury and affordability in one brand and speaks volumes in terms of Filipino craftsmanship.

It’s amazing how this brand has carved its name in the industry and continues to perfect its craft for the discerning consumers. The game is tough, and they are surviving strongly!

In this entry, I’d like to introduce the list of scents and guide you on what suits you best. These are all available at Whiff Bacolod and you may order it online through CareFreeShopper. Meet ups in Bacolod are available, too!

Chubby Tree girls are avid users of these passionately crafted perfumes!

Women’s Scents:

  • Spring Floral Drops – for women who both love the fruity and floral essences in a perfume. Combined dramatically, it lets you experience each note, phase by phase, from fruity to floral, then finally to a powdery finish. IMG_20151207_134659
  • Nectarine Pearl – for ladies who love the relaxed mood of a cool and breezy morning while wearing her Sunday dress. It embibes a sweet lady who loves to pick up petals on her way home from a walk in the park.IMG_20151208_113941
  • Nectarine Pearl Passion – for ladies who have blossomed into a fine woman, passionate and ready to take love at its highest form. It is bolder than the Nectarine Pearl but retains the fresh light notes that everybody loves.PhotoGrid_1449584155821
  • Peony & Rose Intertwine – for those that love the sensual and floral aromas of peonies and roses infused to create that fine and sophisticated flair of scents.PhotoGrid_1449549956301
  • Pacific Rain – it’s for the kind and warm-hearted ladies that love the light and uplifting scent. Its gorgwous fragrance is just right, not too overwhelming, and lasts for a long time. Oh, insert happy thought here! pacific rain
  • Autumn Dew – its for women who love their scent to be as light as a feather and as easy as the leaves falling off the trees. It transports you to the comforts of your fresh and soft linens while savoring the emotions brought about by autumn season.autumn dew

Men’s Scents:

  • Blue Mountains – it is for men who find thrill in every outdoor activity – may it be in a form of the mountain’s highest peak or the oceans deepest depth. It has a cool scent perceived to refresh the out goers after a day’s full of adventure. IMG_20151206_090715
  • Victor – named after an emperor who successfully waged war in the name of romance and peace. it is for the gentlemen who bring pride to their loved ones and celebrate success in their own field.victor
  • Black Knight – it is for men who command power, or those that need one in a closed door boardroom meeting. It is straightforward and connotes decisiveness which makes it a timeless and powerful fragrance for men. IMG_20151206_223953
  • Viridian – it’s for men who loves their scent to be subtle yet radiates luxury. A linear scent, it best fits the real gentlemen ushering their lady to a fine night of good wine and artisan cheese.viridian

Image from Whiff Perfume Instagram page


  • White Drops – it is for men and women alike who love the thought of sparkling streams of water in the mountains translated into an after-shower scent. It speaks of luxury as careful combination of notes is inspired from the British young royals’ favorites. IMG_20151207_212427


Room Spray:

  • Milk Nectarine – the first room scent offering by Whiff! It is sweet and dreamy that a spray of it in your linen would invite you to a long and relaxing sleep. milk nectarine

We are urging everyone to try these scents and see for yourself why this is becoming a staple in one’s perfume list!


On the Road: Vivere Azure Experience


I am a self confessed wanderlust who loves to take the road less traveled. The idea of exploring a remote and unpopular destination always consigns happiness into my system. Make that two happy souls, a weekend or holiday is sure spent on the road with my husband (and friends). We love waking up from our tent and see the mighty ranges of the mountains, or the slow waves of the beach, or the ravishing waters of a waterfall.


We are more of a traveler than a tourist. Yet, we often indulge ourselves with the comforts of the destination. We splurge and savor the high life that’s offered by the resort or hotel. My mantra is this: book a high end resort or hotel if it is your second time coming to the destination. This is to utilize the resort’s amenities and to spend much time in your bed! Basically, we usually just stay in the resort or hotel because, heck, we pay hefty amount for it!


To celebrate our first year anniversary, we booked at Vivere Azure in Anilao, Batangas. It was a weekend that’s sandwich by hell work weeks so we opted for a nearer destination so we can relax and spend quality time together.

The boutique resort lives to what you aim for a luxury and private place to stay, They have limited rooms making it ideal for a weekend of slow down and quietness. It’s indeed an oasis of relaxation! The overall andscape of the resort attributes to the marvelous experience as all rooms and amenities are rightfully placed to where they stand. It’s cozy and very alluring to the eyes.


The food, oh the food! It’s a four course meal starting off with a soup, followed by a salad, your choice of main entree, and finally finishing it off with a dessert. Ah, it is one of my most relaxed meal that we spent about 2 hours to finish. Yes, talk about savoring each bite while gazing at the ocean breeze and leisurely talking to your husband – it was a delight! The food is too sumptuous to define and we were too engrossed on every bite that we take. Yes, great food, it is!


Stepping into the room transported me into a nirvana of tranquility. All the stress and pressures in my system were wiped out on-the-spot and all i did  was to roll over on the bed for a couple of minutes. It is spacious with carefully selected furniture and outstanding toilet amenities.

DSC05792 DSC05796


Anilao is not famous for nice beaches (it’s more of a diving spot) but we were pleasantly surprise to see beautiful corals a few shy away from the shoreline! We gleefully played with the undersea’s treasures and drain the afternoon away by lounging by the shores and dipping into the infinity pool.



With such a luxurious place, beautiful ambiance, and impeccable services (they upgraded our rooms!), I could not ask for a better way to define relaxation over a weekend. it was definitely one for the books!


So the next time you hit Manila or your guy loves to dive, go and visit Anilao and check out Vivere Azure!




Home: Beach Inspired Summer Bedroom

DSC08564Ah, summer! We love the carefree feeling it gives us but at the same time, we HATE the dreadful heat it brings. If only we can have the gift of beach in an air conditioned environment… but we can’t. And so the closest that we can feel the stunning view of the beach is to recreate it in our home (in this case in our bedroom) sans the heat!

A bit of back story: There was really no intention of creating this beach theme but when I had a trip with my MIL back in her home, she gave me the bed cover that Levy used on his growing years. I wanted to use it in our home and thought of what best suits for the overall look. Inspired by my recent trip to Port Barton and El Nido, I decided to go for a beach theme!

The best thing about this is that I did not spend and completed it in less than an hour! As usual, i have a focal point, and that is the bed cover. I did not want to overdo things as I always want to maintain the minimalist look of our bed.

The Details:

  • The bed cover

As mentioned, this was my focal point and since it is already bursting with color blue, I kept the bed sheet and pillow case to plain white (not in photo). DSC08557

  • The side table A

This is my side of the table and more of form over substance. Lol. I like it well integrated with my theme so I had a frame which i got from Papemelroti, a blue Pyrex (still from my MIL) which i repurposed as a holder to some nifty things. This included, sea shells bought from my Palaui trip way back last year, a choice of succulent that looks closely like corals, and the ever favorite tiny lamp which just complements everything.

Papemelroti is every DIYers’ piece of heaven on earth! Their knick knacks are best as your focal point or an accent to any arrangements you have. The best part is that the price points are all reasonable that you really won’t go out of the store empty-handed! They ship, too!


  • The side table B

This is Levy’s side and is more functional one. It’s composed of nautical-themed cloth box that holds all the gadget accessories and some ointments, a white lamp which light up throughout the night, and the blue candle/ diffuser which i (you guessed it right) got from my MIL. It has patterns of sea gems when lit making it perfect for my theme!DSC08558

  • The shawls used as wall covers

They are the “risky” elements that i placed. i was quite worried it may look less appealing but i was happy with how it turned out. I guess it gave the aura of a “beach cafe”. You know, that sort of a reggae type of restaurants.

  • The curtain

To balance things out, I opted for a plain off white curtain. This kind of “simplified” the overall look. But I did not want it to be that plain so I tied a strand of jute sack thread and pegged some postcards to break the monotony. I scored some of these postcards from  WTNDSC08559 DSC08565 DSC08566

Now, it’s time to spritz some room spray that’s filled with ocean breeze scent. Beach’s up!



Chubby Tree Finds: Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentre

                     image from Embryolisse USA site

Bonjour! You might have encountered and read the book French Women Don’t Get Fat by Mireille Giuliano but I think someone should also write a book about how French women age gracefully. Their skin is just remarkable. We may never have their genes but at least we can afford to buy the products they use for their skincare regimen.

Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentre or also known as the 24-hour miracle creme has been in the market since the 1950s. It continues to have a cult following among known make up artists and celebrities both here and abroad. Lisa Eldridge, Samantha Chapman, and Jigs Mayuga are among the popular make-up artists who have this iconic white and blue tube in their make-up stash.

Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentre is a nourishing moisturizer for all skin types but it is also used as a primer to achieve a dewy look and to spot clean in case you make a mistake in applying your jet black liner. It is really a versatile product that delivers.

My skin type is combination. I have dry skin patches and it’s quite difficult to prepare my skin prior to applying make-up. I have tried different brands of moisturizers from cream to gel, expensive to affordable ones but only Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentre can give an instant relief to my dry skin without making me look like I have an oil drill on my forehead. There’s this one popular gel type moisturizer for combination skin that I have previously used though it was able to reduce the appearance of the dry skin patches but soon after I applied my foundation the dry skin started to show up again. I opted to choose the gel type which is made for combination skin in the hopes that it can give enough skin nourishment while keeping the oiliness at bay but then… it failed.


To celebrate the 65th year of the 24-hour Miracle Creme, Embryolisse released the product in a gold limited edition packaging

Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentre is the only moisturizer that can provide my skin its much needed nourishment all through out the day with no traces of dryness at all. Its texture is very light and almost runny. A pea-size amount is enough to cover the entire face. The 75ml tube can last for several months that even if it is relatively expensive you can still say that it gives a good value for your money.

It was in November 2012 when CareFreeShopper first brought this product to the Philippines and made it easily available to the beauty junkies in the country. After almost four years, it continues to be a bestseller at the online store. I have recommended this product among friends and clients and I have heard nothing but praises about how great it is. The fact that they repurchase and even hoard several tubes (as back ups of their back ups) is a true testament that indeed, this is the holy grail among all moisturizers that are available in the market.

What’s your favorite moisturizer? Have you tried this must-buy French pharmacie product? Let us know! Reste Belle!


Homecooked: Overnight Oats in a Jar


Oh, well not technically cooked – just prepared. 😀

It was in one of those nights when my body and mind refuse to visit dreamland that I quickly searched for something quick to whip using my available stash in the kitchen. I remembered I still have oats in our cupboard which remained unconsumed because well, we really are cereal than oat eaters. Why buy, you ask? Oh well, grocery blunders.

So! I marveled at the idea of an overnight oats I often see on the internet. You know, those days when you feel like living a healthier life. Hah, this happens frequently in our home – the “let’s be healthy today, pig out tomorrow” cycle. But, whatever floats our boat. Ha ha ha.

Mixing isn’t that hard, right? So the major errand for this recipe is just to mix all the ingredients. This is an easy peasy and super practical eats especially when your bed have been so good to you in the morning.


1/2 cup Rolled oats

1/2 – 1 cup Skimmed milk (depending on how thick you want it to be)

2 tablespoon Peanut butter

Banana or any desired topping



  1. Put rolled oats in the mason jar
  2. Pour the milk in parts until you achieve the desired thickness
  3. Add the peanut butter, mixing it thoroughly to equally spread it through out the mixture
  4. Refrigerate overnight
  5. In the morning, put on your desired toppings (in my case, i used bananas)
  6. Mix and eat!

There are infinite ways to come up with an overnight oats and I am trying other combinations, too! What is your version? Let us know!