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Home: Pocket Flower Garden

DSC08607aAs you grow older, you want a slower pace of life and a piece of comfort in your home. And yes, you like all things organized and pretty in every corner of your abode! In this phase of my life, I have all the time in my hands to do what I want and one of the long outstanding things is to attend to our home – make it a sanctuary that I always looked for every time I travel. I like all things lovely and I am happy that slowly, I am transforming our house into a home that I want it to be!

What makes me “kilig” is when I successfully convert a spot into an amiable place for me to work, to read, to do my crafts, or just to simply dive my mind in wandering mode.

For this project, I turned our small area outside into a pocket garden. I wanted to make it very vibrant so I splashed various colors and flowering plants to achieve a summer vibe.


The Details:

  • The Chairs

The garden set chairs are the residents in this area. These were originally in black but I painted it way back to be more pleasing to the eyes. I planned to overhaul this area into white by painting the window edges and look for some recycled things to be a table makeshift but I reckon it will be a LOT of work. So,  the idea was scrapped.  DSC08593

  • The Throw Pillows

I have these throw pillows in different sizes but I don’t know where to put them until this set up. The colors are just appropriately bright and perfectly contrast the white chairs. DSC08597

  • The Accessories

I think this is the most fun part of the set up! I rummaged through our house and look for colorful things which are not in used. I found a pink trash can (turned upside down), a green plastic water sprinkler, a yellow small stool, and an orange small basket. All these housed my flower plants. DSC08601

  • The Flowering Plants

Oh, the flowering plants! They are sure ways to brighten up any space or to put a smile on your face. I am now wishing for the butterflies to visit our little space! DSC08603DSC08606

Sitting in my little space with a book on my hand was a lovely afternoon spent. Ah, add the fresh air and the slow sway of the bamboos! Indeed, a lovely afternoon.