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Home: Pocket Flower Garden

DSC08607aAs you grow older, you want a slower pace of life and a piece of comfort in your home. And yes, you like all things organized and pretty in every corner of your abode! In this phase of my life, I have all the time in my hands to do what I want and one of the long outstanding things is to attend to our home – make it a sanctuary that I always looked for every time I travel. I like all things lovely and I am happy that slowly, I am transforming our house into a home that I want it to be!

What makes me “kilig” is when I successfully convert a spot into an amiable place for me to work, to read, to do my crafts, or just to simply dive my mind in wandering mode.

For this project, I turned our small area outside into a pocket garden. I wanted to make it very vibrant so I splashed various colors and flowering plants to achieve a summer vibe.


The Details:

  • The Chairs

The garden set chairs are the residents in this area. These were originally in black but I painted it way back to be more pleasing to the eyes. I planned to overhaul this area into white by painting the window edges and look for some recycled things to be a table makeshift but I reckon it will be a LOT of work. So,  the idea was scrapped.  DSC08593

  • The Throw Pillows

I have these throw pillows in different sizes but I don’t know where to put them until this set up. The colors are just appropriately bright and perfectly contrast the white chairs. DSC08597

  • The Accessories

I think this is the most fun part of the set up! I rummaged through our house and look for colorful things which are not in used. I found a pink trash can (turned upside down), a green plastic water sprinkler, a yellow small stool, and an orange small basket. All these housed my flower plants. DSC08601

  • The Flowering Plants

Oh, the flowering plants! They are sure ways to brighten up any space or to put a smile on your face. I am now wishing for the butterflies to visit our little space! DSC08603DSC08606

Sitting in my little space with a book on my hand was a lovely afternoon spent. Ah, add the fresh air and the slow sway of the bamboos! Indeed, a lovely afternoon.



Home: Beach Inspired Summer Bedroom

DSC08564Ah, summer! We love the carefree feeling it gives us but at the same time, we HATE the dreadful heat it brings. If only we can have the gift of beach in an air conditioned environment… but we can’t. And so the closest that we can feel the stunning view of the beach is to recreate it in our home (in this case in our bedroom) sans the heat!

A bit of back story: There was really no intention of creating this beach theme but when I had a trip with my MIL back in her home, she gave me the bed cover that Levy used on his growing years. I wanted to use it in our home and thought of what best suits for the overall look. Inspired by my recent trip to Port Barton and El Nido, I decided to go for a beach theme!

The best thing about this is that I did not spend and completed it in less than an hour! As usual, i have a focal point, and that is the bed cover. I did not want to overdo things as I always want to maintain the minimalist look of our bed.

The Details:

  • The bed cover

As mentioned, this was my focal point and since it is already bursting with color blue, I kept the bed sheet and pillow case to plain white (not in photo). DSC08557

  • The side table A

This is my side of the table and more of form over substance. Lol. I like it well integrated with my theme so I had a frame which i got from Papemelroti, a blue Pyrex (still from my MIL) which i repurposed as a holder to some nifty things. This included, sea shells bought from my Palaui trip way back last year, a choice of succulent that looks closely like corals, and the ever favorite tiny lamp which just complements everything.

Papemelroti is every DIYers’ piece of heaven on earth! Their knick knacks are best as your focal point or an accent to any arrangements you have. The best part is that the price points are all reasonable that you really won’t go out of the store empty-handed! They ship, too!


  • The side table B

This is Levy’s side and is more functional one. It’s composed of nautical-themed cloth box that holds all the gadget accessories and some ointments, a white lamp which light up throughout the night, and the blue candle/ diffuser which i (you guessed it right) got from my MIL. It has patterns of sea gems when lit making it perfect for my theme!DSC08558

  • The shawls used as wall covers

They are the “risky” elements that i placed. i was quite worried it may look less appealing but i was happy with how it turned out. I guess it gave the aura of a “beach cafe”. You know, that sort of a reggae type of restaurants.

  • The curtain

To balance things out, I opted for a plain off white curtain. This kind of “simplified” the overall look. But I did not want it to be that plain so I tied a strand of jute sack thread and pegged some postcards to break the monotony. I scored some of these postcards from  WTNDSC08559 DSC08565 DSC08566

Now, it’s time to spritz some room spray that’s filled with ocean breeze scent. Beach’s up!



Home: Table set up idea – Fresh Farm Produce

20150827_211454It is a totally random thing for me to style our dining table. There is no such thing as planning it out on what day to set it up. Rather, it’s when those nights that a sudden urge hits me to just put things together and create a beautiful creation. it will all start from one piece i which I find interesting in our home then my imagination would revolve around that piece.

For this set up, my focal point was the wooden jeep i bought way back in Baguio CIty. Immediately, I thought of coming up with a farm feel. Think of those early morning walk to your farm, harvest fresh produce, and tuck them on your pick up truck. I played with brown and greens to achieve an earth-y theme.


So i gathered complementary objects, cut some fresh greens in our garden, and found calamansi in our fridge. The biggest “find” of all are some branches which came from the newly harvested mangoes from my MILs home in Calamba and were given to us. Oh, what an exceptional way to finish the look! The freshly cut off tiny branches percolate a sense of farm living.


The Details:

  • The truck and the calamansi

Aren’t the calamansi look so lovely at the truck? Their sizes are proportionate to that of the truck creating a perfect scene of miniature harvesting activity.

  • The potted plants

The potted plants radiate an enliven environment  transporting you to a vast plantation fields. It’s a breath of fresh air and serves as the centerpiece. I used some bottles to create diversified heights of the three pots.

  • The chairs

The chair speaks of one thing: relaxation. Think of sitting in one of those comfortable chairs during rustic mornings or splendid afternoons savoring your drinks and looking at your humble backyard or your acres of land. Ah, bring me there, now!

  • The fresh cut greens

To supplement the live plants, I added some fresh greens to finish the entire look.


We hope you got a bit of inspiration from this post. Share to us your table set up ideas!


Home: Styling Ideas with Succulents

Like washi tapes, there are endless ways to use succulents in styling your home or any space. It is naturally attractive in a pretty and endearing way. Succulent matches any theme that you can think of, instantly bestows life to a boring area, and a perfect conversation piece!

They come in very handy especially when you want to quickly switch your space’s look and they require least care time making them your go to pieces in styling.

i’ve been collecting succulents for personal use (and we’re selling them, too!) and I compiled some of the styles i did in our home.

Style Inspirations:

  1. At our bedside tableDSC08531IMG_20160226_232632
  2. As an accent of my work spaceDSC08533IMG_20160228_214011
  3. As part of a dining centerpiece20160223_185549 20160327_162353
  4. At our living room’s corner table20160225_105534
  5. At our washroomDSC08527
  6. At our balconyDSC08528

Practically, every corner of our home has been dressed up by succulents! I guess this is a proof of how flexibly pretty these little plants are!. Like, really, aren’t they a joy to utilize as your styling pieces?

How do you style your home? What are your go to pieces? Let us know!