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Homecooked: Overnight Oats in a Jar


Oh, well not technically cooked – just prepared. šŸ˜€

It was in one of those nights when my body and mind refuse to visitĀ dreamlandĀ that I quickly searched for something quick to whip usingĀ my available stash in the kitchen. I remembered I still have oats in our cupboard which remained unconsumed because well, we really are cereal than oat eaters. Why buy, you ask? Oh well, grocery blunders.

So! I marveled at the idea of an overnight oats I often see on the internet. You know, those days when you feel like living a healthier life. Hah, this happens frequently in our home – the “let’s be healthy today, pig out tomorrow” cycle. But, whatever floats our boat. Ha ha ha.

Mixing isn’t that hard, right? So the major errand for this recipe is just to mix all the ingredients. This is an easy peasy and super practical eats especially when your bed have been so good to you in the morning.


1/2 cup Rolled oats

1/2 – 1 cup Skimmed milk (depending on how thick you want it to be)

2 tablespoon Peanut butter

Banana or any desired topping



  1. Put rolled oats in the mason jar
  2. Pour the milk in parts until you achieve the desired thickness
  3. Add the peanut butter, mixing it thoroughly to equally spread it through out the mixture
  4. Refrigerate overnight
  5. In the morning, put on your desired toppings (in my case, i used bananas)
  6. Mix and eat!

There are infinite ways to come up with an overnight oats and I am trying other combinations, too! What is your version? Let us know!







My love for words lingers into my system since the moment I learned to read them. I love stringing in words together to encapsulate my thoughts in a most creative way. Writing is my first love, and though I do not pursue this side of my so-called talent, I know deep in my heart that it will always be my greatest love.

I have been into so many attempts to build my little space in the internet but my impatient persona comes in and breaks my love affair with blogging. Who reads it anyway? Why do I need to put so much effort in piecing my thoughts when most of the time it is incoherent? The heck of good photosā€¦ the list goes on and on.

Then I realize I was not doing it for myself, instead, I was doing it with an ambitious mind to hit the pinnacle of blogging success. Oh the mind of a youngsterā€¦

Here comes friends who have been your core group for quite some time and the idea of pouring all our ideas and heartsā€™ desires into one space crossed our private chat amidst our usual petty talks. With the three of us in different fields of interest (only food unites us), we reckon, why not create a sort of lifestyle blog that tackles the normal lives of normal people and draw inspiration from one another? And yes, there is no pressure at all to make it a perfect blog. We aren’t the best writers, nor the best photographers, but what we can offer isĀ realnessā€¦ and wit (we will try).

And so, Chubby Tree was born. Please meet the three chubby ladies behind this blog:

Armie loves make ups and anything to do with good food.

Bambi has the heart for public service and is best with gardening.

I, Dahlgren, is drawn on home styling and travel.

And the three of us are good at anything, but a master of nothing. Ha ha ha.

Three different ladies, one little blog. Come and letā€™s create a community that celebrates life everyday!