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On the Road: Vivere Azure Experience


I am a self confessed wanderlust who loves to take the road less traveled. The idea of exploring a remote and unpopular destination always consigns happiness into my system. Make that two happy souls, a weekend or holiday is sure spent on the road with my husband (and friends). We love waking up from our tent and see the mighty ranges of the mountains, or the slow waves of the beach, or the ravishing waters of a waterfall.


We are more of a traveler than a tourist. Yet, we often indulge ourselves with the comforts of the destination. We splurge and savor the high life that’s offered by the resort or hotel. My mantra is this: book a high end resort or hotel if it is your second time coming to the destination. This is to utilize the resort’s amenities and to spend much time in your bed! Basically, we usually just stay in the resort or hotel because, heck, we pay hefty amount for it!


To celebrate our first year anniversary, we booked at Vivere Azure in Anilao, Batangas. It was a weekend that’s sandwich by hell work weeks so we opted for a nearer destination so we can relax and spend quality time together.

The boutique resort lives to what you aim for a luxury and private place to stay, They have limited rooms making it ideal for a weekend of slow down and quietness. It’s indeed an oasis of relaxation! The overall andscape of the resort attributes to the marvelous experience as all rooms and amenities are rightfully placed to where they stand. It’s cozy and very alluring to the eyes.


The food, oh the food! It’s a four course meal starting off with a soup, followed by a salad, your choice of main entree, and finally finishing it off with a dessert. Ah, it is one of my most relaxed meal that we spent about 2 hours to finish. Yes, talk about savoring each bite while gazing at the ocean breeze and leisurely talking to your husband – it was a delight! The food is too sumptuous to define and we were too engrossed on every bite that we take. Yes, great food, it is!


Stepping into the room transported me into a nirvana of tranquility. All the stress and pressures in my system were wiped out on-the-spot and all i did  was to roll over on the bed for a couple of minutes. It is spacious with carefully selected furniture and outstanding toilet amenities.

DSC05792 DSC05796


Anilao is not famous for nice beaches (it’s more of a diving spot) but we were pleasantly surprise to see beautiful corals a few shy away from the shoreline! We gleefully played with the undersea’s treasures and drain the afternoon away by lounging by the shores and dipping into the infinity pool.



With such a luxurious place, beautiful ambiance, and impeccable services (they upgraded our rooms!), I could not ask for a better way to define relaxation over a weekend. it was definitely one for the books!


So the next time you hit Manila or your guy loves to dive, go and visit Anilao and check out Vivere Azure!