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Chubby Tree Finds: Whiff Perfumes

12107735_1075447032506636_1620586936282500576_nGone are the days that we only associate quality and luxury to imported goods, and substandard products to locally made ones.  This mindset is so yesterday! To put it bluntly, this is the age where people opt to own a beautifully handcrafted local bag than getting a “branded” one from an outlet store. FIlipino entrepreneurs have changed the face of local artisan products ranging from food, bags, shoes, make ups, and yes, perfumes. It is now a game where each merchant is raising the bar of standards in terms of quality and affordability.

One of the products that has taken the Philippine perfume industry by storm is Whiff Perfumes. It’s a revolutionary take of marrying luxury and affordability in one brand and speaks volumes in terms of Filipino craftsmanship.

It’s amazing how this brand has carved its name in the industry and continues to perfect its craft for the discerning consumers. The game is tough, and they are surviving strongly!

In this entry, I’d like to introduce the list of scents and guide you on what suits you best. These are all available at Whiff Bacolod and you may order it online through CareFreeShopper. Meet ups in Bacolod are available, too!

Chubby Tree girls are avid users of these passionately crafted perfumes!

Women’s Scents:

  • Spring Floral Drops – for women who both love the fruity and floral essences in a perfume. Combined dramatically, it lets you experience each note, phase by phase, from fruity to floral, then finally to a powdery finish. IMG_20151207_134659
  • Nectarine Pearl – for ladies who love the relaxed mood of a cool and breezy morning while wearing her Sunday dress. It embibes a sweet lady who loves to pick up petals on her way home from a walk in the park.IMG_20151208_113941
  • Nectarine Pearl Passion – for ladies who have blossomed into a fine woman, passionate and ready to take love at its highest form. It is bolder than the Nectarine Pearl but retains the fresh light notes that everybody loves.PhotoGrid_1449584155821
  • Peony & Rose Intertwine – for those that love the sensual and floral aromas of peonies and roses infused to create that fine and sophisticated flair of scents.PhotoGrid_1449549956301
  • Pacific Rain – it’s for the kind and warm-hearted ladies that love the light and uplifting scent. Its gorgwous fragrance is just right, not too overwhelming, and lasts for a long time. Oh, insert happy thought here! pacific rain
  • Autumn Dew – its for women who love their scent to be as light as a feather and as easy as the leaves falling off the trees. It transports you to the comforts of your fresh and soft linens while savoring the emotions brought about by autumn season.autumn dew

Men’s Scents:

  • Blue Mountains – it is for men who find thrill in every outdoor activity – may it be in a form of the mountain’s highest peak or the oceans deepest depth. It has a cool scent perceived to refresh the out goers after a day’s full of adventure. IMG_20151206_090715
  • Victor – named after an emperor who successfully waged war in the name of romance and peace. it is for the gentlemen who bring pride to their loved ones and celebrate success in their own field.victor
  • Black Knight – it is for men who command power, or those that need one in a closed door boardroom meeting. It is straightforward and connotes decisiveness which makes it a timeless and powerful fragrance for men. IMG_20151206_223953
  • Viridian – it’s for men who loves their scent to be subtle yet radiates luxury. A linear scent, it best fits the real gentlemen ushering their lady to a fine night of good wine and artisan cheese.viridian

Image from Whiff Perfume Instagram page


  • White Drops – it is for men and women alike who love the thought of sparkling streams of water in the mountains translated into an after-shower scent. It speaks of luxury as careful combination of notes is inspired from the British young royals’ favorites. IMG_20151207_212427


Room Spray:

  • Milk Nectarine – the first room scent offering by Whiff! It is sweet and dreamy that a spray of it in your linen would invite you to a long and relaxing sleep. milk nectarine

We are urging everyone to try these scents and see for yourself why this is becoming a staple in one’s perfume list!