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On The Road: Mt. Pulag and the Common Misconceptions

16278_10151528943923453_1352474077_nTo seek the summit of the Philippine’s third highest mountain seems to be a paralyzing thought. You start to think of scorching heat, aching legs, pounding heart, and beastly sweats running all over your body.

I, too, cannot fathom the idea of me conquering Mt. Pulag… until i mustered all the guts to finally see it for myself. Believe me when I say that i am the most “lampa” (chubby, remember?)  and I hate walking. So if I say I did it (and I did it twice), then anyone can do it, too!

When I completed the trek, I finally crushed some myths when it comes to Mt. Pulag and I want to share it with you.

The Common Misconceptions:

  • That  Mt. Pulag is one of the longest trails (it’s the third highest, right?)

It is the third highest, yes, but the beauty of Mt. Pulag is that monster jeep gets through the farthest way possible saving you some kilometers to hike. Thanks to the continuous improvement of the road infrastructure, the ride is quite bearable now compared to years back.10317617_10203102446496098_7109485075088290181_o

  • That Mt. Pulag is for the seasoned hikers

Mt. Pulag was the second mountain I hiked following a minor climb at Mt. Pico de Loro. While i do not undermine the preparations needed (I walked for 30 minutes everyday for two weeks), it is something that beginners can do. It is relatively safe trail and no death defying trails. No river crossing, too!10390252_10152427601129462_878818161850258330_n

Do note that I am talking of the Ambangeg-Ambangeg trail – the easiest of all trails.

Disclaimer: Backpack is just for photo ops. Porters are available to bring your bags should you be allowed to camp up there. 

  • That Mt. Pulag is a dreadful assault all throughout

What I love most about Mt. Pulag is that is has a gradual trail that literally, it’s like walking in the park. The last 30 minutes is the hardest as this is the assault, but hey, you can always take a rest!12670852_10153820779664462_5950419217652003283_n

  • That Mt. Pulag ALWAYS shows up her majestic sea of clouds and astounding sunrise

No. This might be the primary reason why we hike to Mt. Pulag but let it be known that it is not a guarantee that you will see the imperial sea of clouds hovering over the powerhouse Cordillera ranges. But that is nature, unpredictable as she can be.

Here kicks in the essence of traveling and that cliche saying “It’s the journey, not the destination” comes into play. You have to enjoy it, after all, you reached the freakin’ third highest peak of the Philippines!10268485_10203102441655977_7989254147193839831_nMay 2014
12715583_10153818273604462_7544222173505628282_nFeb 2016

Mt. Pulag is a charming and mystic place. Let us just be mindful of our responsibilities when we visit her!